Hello, I'm Honest Bob and welcome to Honest Bob's Gaming Review Blog,. You've come to the right place if you're looking for good, honest gaming reviews, be it for games on Playstation, Xbox or PC or aftermarket controllers and accessories.

Here's at Honest Bob's Gaming Reviews, we don't copy and paste other articles from other websites and change a few words here and there like some site which will remain nameless. We pride ourselves on good old-fashioned honesty, because we are gamers too! If we've played it, or used it, we'll tell you what we honestly think about it. If we think it's good, we'll so say, if we think it's rubbish, we'll tell you.


Honest Bob, aka TheBobbyTee -

Born in August 1977, I've been a racing game fanboy since the days of Grand Prix Legends, GT Legends and the early days of Grand Turismo.

I used to play a lot of racing games on Playstation, then moved onto Xbox360 and found the Forza series, playing PC titles in between. I still play the likes of GT Legends and GTR 2, two of the best racing sims still on the market.

These days I'm a PC sim racing focused player and spend most of my racing time on iRacing, the worlds foremost motorsports simulation, although I do spend some time on Project CARS and Assetto Corsa as well as the old favorites.

I run with a custom built gaming PC, using and AMD CPU, MSi MoBo and AMD Radeon R9 GPU. I use a Thrustmaster T150 wheel for my racing and a Speed Link XEOX Pro Analogue Gamepad for other gaming (reviews for both of which you will find on this site).

I live in an apartment in the West Midlands, England and have a full-time job in the motor industry. I'm pretty much all over the internet (well almost anyway - lol), here's where you can find me -

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